Helping Hands

We lend our services to our Neighbors doing The Work; from making and posting block club signs, to moving dirt, to building raised beds and walkways, to in general pitching in!


“I want to thank my Neighbor Phillip (RAHAM Inc.).

No matter when i call them and what the project is,

they go out of there way to support.”

Tammy Black; Manistique Community Treehouse

Helping hands program

Legitimize Your Hustle

We aid people in our community and returning persons in establishing a legitimate business, reflective of  their  talents.

All we require, is that recipients serve and participate in community

“I thank Brother Greg for helping me set up my LLC.

I am getting ready to hire my first employees. “

Sherita Dafney; Comfy @ Home LLC.

Legitimize your hustle program

The Real Detroit

(inner city tours)

We offer tours of – The Real Detroit

As to highlight the need for the work we are doing and to highlight the overall plight of our City.

We also visit people and organizations active in the areas of building, beautifying, growing food and blight removal.

Real Detroit Program

Back Where You Belong

Offers returning persons several levels of assistance upon returning to society, inclusive of, but not limited to:

  • obtaining identification 
  • resume building 
  • enrolling in school or voc. training
  • business start up assistance
  • housing assistance
  • transportation 
Back Where You Belong Program